Generic name: temazepam

Restoril is a fast-acting benzodiazepine with a relatively brief half-life of about 12 hours; it's used to treat panic and anxiety disorders, insomnia, and muscle cramps and spasms. Restoril's short half-life makes it ideal for the treatment of insomnia resulting from muscle cramps or restless legs syndrome; it'll quickly alleviate the muscle problems and allow you to fall asleep, but won't leave you groggy when you wake up eight hours later.

Side-effects include sleepiness, confusion, slurred speech, and amnesia; older adults may exhibit drug-induced dementia. One can build up a tolerance to Restoril (as with all benzodiazepines), and it's therefore unwise to take it on a regular basis--suddenly stopping Restoril can result in a resurgence of the symptoms that the drug was intended to alleviate.

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