Res`to*ra"tion (r?s`t?*r?"sh?n), n. [OE. restauracion, F. restauration, fr. L. restauratio. See Restore.]


The act of restoring or bringing back to a former place, station, or condition; the fact of being restored; renewal; reestablishment; as, the restoration of friendship between enemies; the restoration of peace after war.

Behold the different climes agree,
Rejoicing in thy restoration.


The state of being restored; recovery of health, strength, etc.; as, restoration from sickness.


That which is restored or renewed.

The restoration Eng. Hist., the return of King Charles II. in 1660, and the reestablishment of monarchy. -- Universal restoration Theol., the final recovery of all men from sin and alienation from God to a state of happiness; universal salvation.

Syn. -- Recovery; replacement; renewal; renovation; redintegration; reinstatement; reestablishment; return; revival; restitution; reparation.


© Webster 1913.

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