December 22, 1987
Congress passes US Public Law 100-204, Foreign Relations Authorization Act fiscal years 1988 and 1989. It condemns human rights violations in Tibet and sanctions assistance to Tibetan refugees.

September 16, 1998
The US Congress passes S. Con. Res. 129, supporting the Dalai Lama's peace initiative as outlined in his Strasbourg Statement.

March 15, 1989
The US Congress passes S. Res. 82, condemning the Chinese use of force against peaceul protesters in Tibet. The European Parliament passes its second resoltuion on Tibet.

February 16, 1990
US Public Law 101-246 is passed, sanctioning scholarships to Tibeta refugee students.

April 5, 1990
Congress passes S.J. Res. 275, supporting National Day in Support of Freedom and Human Rights in China and Tibet.

November 5, 1990
US Public Law 101-513 grants $5,000,000 to Tibetan refugees in South Asia.

November 29, 1990
US Public Law 101-649 sanctions 1,000 immigrant visas for Tibet refugees residing in India and Nepal.

October 28, 1991
Congress enacts US Public Law 102-138 (H.R. 1415 -- Foreign Relations Authorization Act for fiscal years 1992 and 1993), which declares that Tibet including these areas incorporated into the Chinese provinces of Sichuang, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai, is an occupied country under the established principles of international law.

October 6, 1992
US Public Law 102-391 is passed granting $1,500,000 to Tibet refugees in Dharamsala (Punjab, India)

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