Warning, warning: The following is a rant about my current feelings of ill will toward working for an organisation that is controlled by a bureaucracy in the U.S. Of course the threats are hollow, and fictitious, but ideas that I would dearly love to put in place.

I am currently (I say “currently” as I am starting to get a little miffed) working for a company which takes it’s direction from the head office in the U.S. Unfortunately, the U.S. is often behind when it comes to technology and best practices, as there is a much larger customer base to test for than here in my country.

It is for this reason that I am starting the “Committee for Resistance to All Change to Keep Progressing Our Technologies” – an organisation of fellow employees who are constantly barraged with stupid rules and regulations which do not fit our local culture, and impede progress due to American’s inabilities.

The following will be direct actions taken on by this committee:

  • Any member of the committee losing their job due to yet another stupid company restructure to try to keep in line with the business lines in the ‘States will continue to work for the company with a wage funded by committee member’s fees
  • Any company directive stating that we must only stick with an old outdated technology as the newer ones are still being tested, will be directly opposed by the committee by implementing the prohibited technology to as many customers as possible
  • All directives from off shore will be taken and opposed, or translated to fit the local culture. E.g. no alcohol on the premises, business casual only on the last Friday of the month etc. These do not translate at all into local culture here
  • Should resistance be met with force, a “work to rule” attitude will be assumed – but taken to the extreme. “No alcohol” means the removal of all metholated spirits and whiteboard cleaners, the insistence of using older technologies means customers will be recommended abacuses, counting beads, and parchment and quill

As you can most probably tell, I am getting a little weary of the constant barrage of crappy rules, regulations, and brick-walls thrown up to impede progress.

“Resistance is essential, we shall not be dictated to.”
- Misquoted from the standard Borg quote of Star Trek TNG

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