A movement started by Bob Simonds.

An attempt to get all Christians to pull their children out of public schools and send them to private schools, or home school them, to cause the atheistic public school system to collapse. He says to Christians, "Yet, with all the positive changes we've seen because of each of you, that together we have accomplished for God, the system of public education has refused to bend. The frightened and woeful cries of godly parents have been, and still are, ignored."

He mentions that the public schools have not treated Christians seriously, declaring them a "small minority".

His reasons for suggesting this include "First and probably foremost is that many otherwise good teachers and certainly almost all our curriculum bases the instruction unit on a humanist world view, with all its anti-Christian worldly values, which is the current ideology in education. This is done very subtly and constantly undermines and contradicts a child's Biblical, godly belief and value (right vs. wrong) base for thinking. It wears on a child's mind until faith in God and Biblical principles simply breaks down and becomes extinct. Satan has then won! That's happening every day. The Christian plea goes unheard. The children are being lost." and "How strong must a child be to disbelieve his teachers? His faith in God is permanently crippled or it dies with atheistic evolution. The very foundation of a Christian's faith is destroyed, and results in a devaluation of life, which makes abortion, suicide and euthanasia appear more acceptable."

Or how about "Drug and alcohol use are much more prevalent on most public school campuses. Both are said to be permissible in anti-substance abuse programs, if done in moderation." (anyone here ever have a teacher tell you that drugs are ok? I haven't.)

He even goes on to accuse the school system of "spiritual rape"...

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