The Republic of Lomar is a non-territorial nation, i.e. a supranational entity with the attributes of a traditional state, except for a localized territorial imperium. The Republic of Lomar is mainly known as a passport issuing entity for stateless individuals and in the press as the foremost and fastest growing micronation worldwide. Our focus is clearly set on:

  • the defense of Human Rights worldwide
  • the diplomatic representation of the oppressed and unrepresented
  • high level consular services to our citizens worldwide
  • leveraging Internet technologies (Digital Diplomacy, telecommuting, etc.)
  • promoting a complementary non-territorial approach to citizenship.

End Quote

Basically, the Republic of Lomar is a non-territorial nation, which exists in the computers of it's citizens. Actually, they offer dual-citizenship, and they even have their own passport.

In March 2001, the population of Lomar is 51,000 (the population of Liechtenstein, for example, is 32,000), with expected population of 80,000 by the end of 2001. There are 28 nations with smaller populations.

Interesting, don't you think? Check out their website at www.republic-of-lomar.org

I just had a wild idea! Why not make Everything a Republic of it's own. The Republic of Everything. Has a nice ring to it. I wonder if our population would be larger than theirs.

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