Rephaim were an old tribe of giants. It appears a total of 24 times in the bible, 2 in Genesis, 4 in Deuteronomy, 5 in Josuha, 7 in 2 Samuel, 5 in 1 Chronicles, and once in Isaiah.

Rephaim are the aborigines of Palestine, conquered and expelled by the Canaanite. The Moabites knew Rephaim as Emim (fearful) (1) and Ammonites knew Rephaim as Zamzummim (2). Some still existed in the days of David (3).

Quran makes an implicit reference to the Rephaim only once in The Table, verse (5:22) when Moses led people from Egypt into the promised land.

They said: O Moses! Lo! a giant people (dwell) therein and lo! we go not in till they go forth from thence. When they go forth from thence, then we will enter (not till then).

Genealogy of the Rephaim is unknown.


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