'60s and '70s counterculture figure and protest leader, charged with conspiracy and incitement to riot during the famous Chicago Seven trials. My parents knew him pretty well back in the good old days, they were in the same cult together. I gather they've rather lost touch nowadays.

According to an old friend of my mother's from those days, the skinny on Rennie is this: "They should have called the Chicago Seven the Chicago Six and Also Rennie. He wasn't really what I'd call a great organizer. He was great at getting people, whole bunches of people to come together, but once he had them all together, he'd just sort of stand there and realize that he hadn't thought out what he was going to say to them yet. Usually once that happenned, somebody else, usually Abbie, would walk up and start actually telling everybody what to do, and Rennie would still be standing there. He was the nicest guy you'd ever hope to meet, but not real together."

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