Webby is very quaint. As Austria-Hungary was broken up in 1918, the Reichsrat no longer exists.

The Treaty of St. Germain which broke up the old Hapsburg empire set out the basic law and legislative mechanisms of the new Austria, but in 1929 Austria adopted a constitution setting up a Bundesversammlung (Federal Assembly), a bicameral legislature consisting of a Nationalrat (House of Representatives) and a Bundesrat (Senate).

The Hungarian parliament still meets in the Deputy Council Chamber of the magnificent 1902 Gothic-revival Parliament building in Budapest.

Reichs"rath` (r?ks"r?t), n. [G]

The parliament of Austria (exclusive of Hungary, which has its own diet, or parliament). It consists of an Upper and a Lower House, or a House of Lords and a House of Representatives.


© Webster 1913.

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