The X-files

Redux II (part 3 of 3)
Episode: 5X03
First aired:11/09/97
Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by: Kim Manners

As Mulder continues his search for the cure to Scully's illness - and the identity of the mole operating inside the bureau - he receives help from a most unlikely source.
A wonderful ending to the three parter. Very intense and full of emotion. One of my personal favorites!
See Gethsemane and Redux for the episodes before this.

Mulder rushes to the hospital and finds Scully unconscious and on a ventilator. Assistant Director Skinner tells him that Scully is close to death. Mulder refuses to co-operate with Skinner or the FBI inquiry team.

The Cigarette Smoking Man has his own troubles, other members of the shadowy syndicate he is part of are angry with him for allowing Mulder to escape from the DARPA facility, but he argues that Mulder is far more valuable alive. Scully regains consciousness and informs Mulder of her suspicions about Skinner, but Mulder is skeptical.

The Cigarette Smoking Man contacts Mulder and explains that the vial he gave to the Lone Gunman contains a microchip implant that will cure Scully's cancer. Scully agrees to give it a try despite objects from her mother Margaret and brother Bill.

The Cigarette Smoking Man arranges for Mulder to meet who he claims is Mulder's sister Samantha, she explains that some time after her abduction she was told that the Cigarette Smoking Man was her father. Mulder is unsure whether to believe she is his sister or not. Later the Cigarette Smoking Man asks Mulder to quit the FBI and work for him instead, but Mulder refuses. Brought before the inquiry panel, Mulder informs them that Section Chief Blevins is the mole within the FBI, shortly thereafter both Blevins and the Cigarette Smoking Man are gunned down, although his body is not found. Mulder informs Skinner that Scully's cancer has gone into remission.

Important Quotes:
Skinner -- "You're looking pretty good for a dead man."
Mulder -- "I'm only half dead."

Scully -- "Well then, you have to lay it on me. You have to tell them that I was the one who killed that man."
Mulder -- "I can't do that."
Scully -- "Yes, you can. Mulder, if I can save you, let me. Let me at least give some meaning to what's happened to me."

Bill -- "You really believe this crap, don't you?"
Mulder -- "Yes, I do."

Mulder (answers phone) -- "One sorry son of a bitch speaking."

Scully -- "You'll be in my prayers."
Mulder -- "Have the Father say a few Hail Mulders for me, okay?"

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