The Indian portal Rediff ( is one of the first free email providers to offer 1GB of mail storage space. This was done to compete with Google's Gmail. While Gmail offers 1000MB of mail storage space, rediff offers a full 1GB (1024 MB). Since Gmail hasn't yet gone public, rediff's move is something revolutionary in the free email world.

Apart from the email service, rediff is a worldwide online provider of news, information, communication, entertainment and shopping services for Indians. It's as popular as Yahoo! in India. Rediff has a chat system and a messenger (the rediff bol). It's one of the few mail services which provides the user with an option to send emails in Regional languages. Currently 11 of the Indian regional languages are supported by Rediff mail.

Rediff provides a personalised and secure surfing and shopping envirionment. was found in 1996 (under the name Rediff Communication Private Limited) and the company went public in June, 2000.

A few of the Online Services: (Chat, email, IM, eCommerce, web hosting and News Services)

  • Rediff search service for the web.
  • Chats including celebrity chats
  • Rediffmail - A free e-mail service which offers !GB of storage.
  • Rediffmail Plus and Pro -Paid e-mail services that offers more storage, POP3 access and more.
  • Instant Messenger (IM) in English and regional languages
  • Shopping and gifting services in India and the USA
  • Online/Offline classifieds
  • Sports - including chats/discussions, live commentary, analysis.
  • E-cards
  • Financial products and services in the areas of banking, mutual funds and insurance functions.
  • Stock quote, chart and other details of companies listed on the BSE
  • India Abroad weekly publication.

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