The X-files
Red Museum
Episode: 2X10
First aired:12/09/94
Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by: Win Phelps

A teenage boy, Gary Kane, disappears from his home and is found 12 hours later with the words 'he is one' written on his back.

Mulder tells Scully that this is one of many similar victims, all who have been found with the same letters and in a state of hysteria.

Mulder and Scully go to see Sherrif Mazeroski who tells them of a local cult, the Church of the Red Museum, who he thinks may be responsible for the attacks.

They go to see the cult and witness a prayer. Mulder sees that they believe in soul transference, what he calls walk-ins.

Mulder, Scully, and Mazeroski talk to Gary Kane who remembers little of what happened. He describes the feeling of a kind of soul entering him in the woods. However, we see a strange man in the Kanes' home watching the conversation through a small hole in the wall. No one notices this.

Mulder and Scully later witness a bunch of teenagers (including Mazeroski's son) harrasing one of the church members. Later, a teenage girl is kidnapped and is found with 'she is one' written on her back. Tests show that she has a strange opiate in her blood. Mulder and Scully arrest the church's leader, Odin, after finding out he is a former doctor.

Mulder and Scully meet an old man who shows them a farm where they see men injecting the cattle with genetically engineered growth hormone. The man describes the changing behavior of the town and attributes it to the hormone.

Later that night a plane crashes, killing the pilot and the passenger, Dr. Larsen, whose corpse is found possessing a load of cash. Dr. Larsen had treated the teenagers who were abducted since childhood, giving them vitamin shots.

A strange Crew-Cut Man goes to the scene and kills one of the men who had been injecting the cattle. The sheriff's son is later abducted and found dead.

Mulder discovers the placed where the mysterious man, in the Kanes' house, had been hiding. They realize that the man, Gerd Thomas, had been abducting the kids. They find Thomas who tells them that the kids have become monsters because of Larsen's tests. Scully checks some DNA and discovers some alien DNA, the same from The Erlenmeyer Flask.

For their saftey, Mulder and Scully take the rest of the kids to the Red Museum. Mulder then goes to find Crew-Cut Man who is killed by the sheriff.

The identity of Crew-Cut Man is not resolved. Scully concludes sayng that the town was part of an experiment on the effect of alien DNA using the Red Museum as a control group.

Important Quotes:

Mulder: A new enlightened spirit. According to the literature, Abe Lincoln was a walk-in. And Mikhail Gorbachev and Charles Colson, Nixon's advisor.
Scully: But not Nixon?
Mulder: No. Not even they want to claim Nixon.

Scully: I think I know who shot him, Mulder. That man that I recognized on the road today... that's the same man that executed Deep Throat.

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