A French Quarter landmark, Record Ron's Good & Plenty Records routinely won awards for being the best used record store in New Orleans. Ron drew customers into his Decatur Street storefront with a variety of inspired gimmicks, including a big yearly sale to commemorate his divorce, and telling everyone to "tell me I sent ya". Just as famous as Ron's excellent selection of used records were his collection of vintage metal lunchboxes, which lined every wall of the shop. Frequent customers have alleged that Ron was actually more protective of the lunch boxes in the record store than of the records themselves.

Ron died of lung cancer in 1996, but his store's treasure trove of rare records would live on in California, purchased in its entirety by John Goddard, the owner of Village Music, a Marin County landmark. Goddard shipped the goods back to Mill Valley in two 18-wheelers, and still had some of it left when he decided in late 2007 to close shop and retire at age 64.

Source: Selvin, Joel. "Renowned record store fading out." San Francisco Chronicle 04 Sep 2007: A1.

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