A mod for the computer game Quake III, based as accurately as possible off the Quake 2 mod Action Quake 2. It features the same weapons as Action Quake 2 (Sniper rifle, shotgun, sawed-off shotgun, pistols, throwing knives, M4, MP5), the same items (bandolier, kevlar vest, silencer, stealth slippers, laser sight), as well as movement and damage code as closely matching that of its predecessor as possible. Initially started by members of the Action Quake 2 community who wanted the game play they were familiar with copied over to the new Quake III graphics engine, in October of 2000. The official webpage for the mod is currently at www.telefragged.com/reaction

Much has happened with the development of RQ3 since the creation of the above writeup. For starters, the official Reaction Quake 3 website can now be found at www.reactionquake3.net.
The current (as of this writeup) version is Beta 2.25, with Beta 2.3 due along shortly. Most major bugs in terms of weapon imbalance, physics, and stability have been resolved by now. The files for Beta 2.25 can be found here:
Of course you will need Quake 3 installed to play. If you enjoyed the fast-paced gameplay of Action Quake 2, or other realism mods, this game might be right up your alley, and the community is always in need of more players, which means you should be able to find plenty of open servers. If you're interested in taking your involvement one step beyond that, and have the skills, you could even start mapping for the game.

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