Razia's Shadow: A Musical
(This website shows who played each of the parts and has short samples of some of the tracks.
It's better if you listen to the whole thing. For detailed information about the album, see Wikipedia)
UPDATE! Nine of the thirteen tracks are now listenable on above website!

Razia's Shadow could arguably be the most profound musical composition of the last decade. It is, according to Thomas Dutton, a story about the creation, devision, and reunion of the world.

"Everything seems to fade -- when I see her face. The sky and trees all blur -- every time I look at her."

Released under the name of Dutton's band, Forgive Durden, the album differs drastically from his usual work. With brilliant vocals from a variety of singers from many popular groups and ingenious Broadway-esque instrumentals, it's a theatrical rock experience to rival Repo! The Genetic Opera. Every track is simultaneously catchy and provoking.

"Nobody understood me -- 'til her eyes fixed upon me. My puzzled life's complete -- now that I've found the missing piece."

The piece deals with different applications of the concept of destiny. In the first segment, one of O The Scientist's angels (Ahrima, played by Thomas Dutton) believes it is his destiny to lead the world toward greater things, ultimately separating it into two worlds of light and darkness. In the second part, a prince of the darkness (Adakias, played by Dutton) feels it's his destiny to enter the realm of light and find true love. Through tragedy, the worlds are reunited. The prince fulfills his destiny, resulting in a return to the status quo. In this way, destiny is show to be both a positive and a negative force. The two main characters harbor strong convictions that they are predestined to do something fantastic. This conviction causes them to pursue things with intense motivation, though the outcomes were not guaranteed to be what they wanted.

"Don't you ever feel like you've been destined for something bigger than your skin?"

In my opinion, this album is too unusual to pass up. Everyone should listen to it at least once. Nic Newsham of Gatsbys American Dream does an incredible job portraying the King, Greta Salpeter pulls off the princess, and Thomas Dutton embodies the misguided protagonists.

"So, your the boy I've heard so much about from my daughter's open mouth.
She's described for me wild fantasies of true love and ancient prophesies.

Did you think that you could waltz right in and steal
(the princess for your self?)
Seducing her with empty dreams and a rusting ring?

"Well I'm The King, it won't be that easy!"

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