Rayman is back. This time in 3D, for the Playstation 2.

Even though it has the name Revolution, it's not that revolutionary. The game is in 3D, but it's an extended version of the Dreamcast version of Rayman.

In a world full of evil pirates, it's your job to complete the missions your are sent on. You'll need a lot of skill to find your way around the huge scenery of the different levels. On your quest you will retrieve lots of objects, and free your friends, who have been captured by the pirates.

In the game, there are several different kinds of lums you can catch. Yellow lums you collect, so that you can later buy power-ups in the magic wells. Red lums increases your life energy if you've been hit by the enemies. Green lums saves the place, so that, when you drown or fall over a cliff, you restart at that place. Purple lums come with a ring, in which you can swing, once you are given that power in the game.

The graphics is fairly good, the sound effects, and especially the background music fit very nicely with the actions at hand. The controls can be a bit strange at first, but it works out reasonably well. All in all, it's a nice game, with several hours of gameplay.

Like the other versions of Rayman, this too is produced by the game company Ubi Soft, with the project manager Steve McCalla, and engine programmer Yann Le Guyader.

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