An Oasis in the centre of Cologne.

The "Rathenauplatz" (named after one of Germany's foreign ministers after the first world war: Walter Rathenau) is a beautiful square incorporating a nice park in central Cologne, adjacent to the infamous Bermuda Triangle (an area made up of three streets full of student pubs where people tend to get lost. Mostly due to the fact that they're drunk like skunks).

The square is surrounded by some houses that miraculously survived the British bomber raids during the second World War and has on its east side one of the most beautiful Synagogues in Europe build in 1885 and representing the oldest jewish community north of the alps.

In one corner of the park is one of Cologne's most popular beer gardens, serving a range of good beers, and suevian and italian cuisine. For concerned parents there's a large sandfilled playground where the little devils can have fun while mum and dad can quietly sip their beers. The whole atmosphere is incredibly relaxed with plenty of neighbourly vibes, Boule games and the odd whiff of grass hanging in the air.

During the summr months this is one place where you can completely forget that you're surrounded by a city of one million population and read, drink, snog and be marry.

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