The Encyclopaedia of Knowledge compiled by the Ikhwan Al-Safa of Basra.

These consist of the following contents:


1. Reading and Writing

2. Lexicography and Grammar

3. Accounting and Business Transactions

4. Prosody and Metrics

5. Doctrines of Good and Evil Omens

6. Doctrines of Magic, amulets, alchemy, stratagems, etc.

7. Business and Handicraft

8. Commerce, Agriculture, etc.

9. Stories and Biographies


1. Science of Revelation

2. Exegesis

3. Tradition (hadith)

4. Jurisprudence and Law

5. Aceticism and Tasawwuf

6. Interpretation of Dreams


1. Mathematics

2. Logic

3. Natural Sciences (being 7): a. Principles governing bodies, consisting of knowledge of hyle, form, time, space, and motion; b. The heavens, consisting of the science of the stars, the motion of planets, reasons for the stationary character of the Earth, etc..; c. Generation and corruption, cinsisting of knowledge of the four elements, their change into each other, and the minerals, plants, and animals coming into being from them; d. Meterology, consisting of the knowledge of the change of weather due to the effect of the stars, winds, thunder, lightning, etc...; e. Mineralogy; f. Botany; g. Zoology


1. Knowledge of God and His Attributes

2. Knowledge of the spiritual world

3. Knowledge of Souls

4. Politics, consisting of the knowledge of prophethood, kingship, the common people, the elite, and man considered in himself.

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