Rare Air were founded under the name Na Cabarfeidh in Toronto, Canada in 1978. Grier Coppins and Pat O'Gorman led the band which also included Trevor Ferrier and Richard Murai, playing Celtic folk music on bagpipes, as well as other traditional instruments. In 1979, they spent 10 months in Brittany studying the local folk music.

Two albums were released; "Stick It In Your Ear" in 1981, and "Rare Air" in 1982. The band toured extensively, gaining popularity in North America, as well as Europe.

In 1989, Ferrier and Murai left the band to pursue other interests, and three more musicians were recruited.

Jeff Gill was initially found to play guitar, and he called his friend Rich Greenspoon to come in and play drums. Christian Frappier was fresh from college, and looking for work playing bass. All three had a jazz, rather than folk background.

With the new jazz-oriented line-up came a new name, Rare Air, and a new style. The band was labelled "Jazz Fusion", and produced a strange combination of Jazz and highland piping, the music including drums, bass, guitar and synthesizers.

They toured for a further two years and released three albums, "Hard To Beat", "Primeval" and "Space Pipers". The band was finally dissolved in 1992, and all but Jeff Gill are still in the music scene, gigging or producing around Canada.


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