A BASIC-style programming language created by William Yu. The last release was in 2000, I believe William is now working for Yahoo.
The language is quite easy to learn and I prefer it to Visual BASIC. Rapid Q compiles on both Windows and Linux. Here is an example of a Console program in Rapid Q.


dim x as integer x = 0 while x < 10 x = x + 1 print str$(x) wend

As you can see, it's quite straightforward. The compiler also has support for form based programs, and has a drag and drop style form designer built in.
Here is an example of a form program:

declare sub show

CREATE Form as QForm
width = 500
height = 500
Caption = "My first program"
CREATE Button as QButton
left = 1
top = 1
width = 100
height = 20
caption = "Click me, if you dare!"
onclick = show
End Create
End create

sub show
showmessage "You clicked the button, good for you."
end sub

The Rapid-Q site can be found at http://www.basicguru.com/rapidq

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