The introverted thinker named this and the extroverted feeler informed me that the acronym is RWRVS. Right.


Random Weird Root Vegetables to include but not limited to:

edible pumpkin
sweet potatoes
jerusalem artichokes

olive oil or butter or bacon fat
chicken broth or beef or pork or vegetable
salt and pepper

I made this soup over two days recently.

The first day I heated the oven to 350 and placed a glass pyrex pan inside with the following vegetables: a squash, a parsnip, three turnips, three beets and two potatoes. We are in a CSA, so we have a weekly supply of random weird root vegetables. I baked them until all were tender. When they were cool, I put the pyrex pan in the refrigerator.

The second day I heated my cast iron frying pan to medium high. I chopped an onion and caramelized it. While it was caramelizing, I cut open the squash and put the meat in a soup pan, added chicken broth and some vegetable broth, and peeled and sliced the other vegetables. I didn't add the potatoes this time. I could have roast garlic and added that, and the onions can be roasted too.

I added the caramelized onions and heated it through. Salt and pepper to taste and voila! RWRV Soup!

My daughter likes it better if it is all ground up into an orange thick soup, but she told me after we ate it. Next time.

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