I hide you under my heart

Which beat and clang in disjunctive rhythm

I simply can do nothing else but to bear

But feel a slow turn regardless Around the icy water underground.. Jupiter...

A turn, back, I run, I ran

Far way, to the East Your windows darkened with time I plead to anoint with clarity Oft led to disparity The mathematical crocodile

Marvin was not the only innovator

Strong hands help lead me home

Only when I close my eyes I see their shadows in my awakened state

Only to show me they're alive

But I'm only here to love

And when the waters run

Upheavals shall my beloved feel So as to never come undone

Thirteen ways to do

Twelve high court judges

Have you heard about the boom on Mizar 5? Pure evil

No safety, they need better pigs to stay above seal level

I should have stayed at home yesterday

But I was told goodbye too soon

A saint that needed skin to strip Settled aptly for his own

Too soon begging for warmth in the sun

The reciprocal breath of her laugh

And with watery lungs Limbs given to wade

I've missed you, my loved ones Dying to see you all again some day.

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