Disclaimer: I am not an employee of Rain-X (or whatever the company is called. See I don't even know who they are.) Just a noder who's used this stuff and wants to share.

Rain-X is a product which claims to improve visibility when driving in wet conditions.

How it works

You run Rain-X into your windshield. You rub it off so the glass is clean and free from streaks. The thin film of Rain-X makes water on the glass (i.e. rain) bead and run off easily. Some people claim not to need to use windshield wipers as as a result. You can optionally put another product into your washer fluid to keep the stuff on the windscreen working (thus preventing frequent reapplication). Rain-X should also help keep your windshield free from bugs, grit and other nasties.

Does it work?

I've tried it for a few weeks now, and think Yes. In heavy rain, Rain-X really does make a difference. The rain beads into big round puddles and (because you're driving) gets blown off the windshield very quickly. It's great to watch, like water off a duck's back.

In light drizzle, however, I found the results are less exciting. If the precipitation is light, it still beads, but it doesn't run off - presumably because the beads are tiny they are not big enough to be blown off. So, if I want to see while driving (and I do), then I have to use my windshield wipers (and experience a little more 'smeariness' than before I used it) or drive faster.

While doing additional research for this node, I found a website you might find helpful:

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