Perhaps the downright coolest geek-hero in history.

Raimi is one of the four main characters of the Broken Saints graphic literature event. He wears glasses. He's a hacker. He uses Linux. He is a geek, and is proud of it.


Raimi was born in Montreal, Canada, and when he was young, his father left his mother, who was suffering from a disease (very much likely cancer, as is pointed out in Chapter 20 by the cloth on her head). He went to Catholic school as a child, but, like most people who go to Catholic school, he is not devout.


Raimi lives now in Coast City, in the US. He works for the megacorporation Biocom, and his assignment during the first quarter of the series was coding the tracking software for Biocom's new satellite grid.

A romantic interest of his was Sandra, who was a secretary of Biocom CEO Benjamin Palmer. During the course of the story, Raimi is pulled off the project for reasons unbeknownst to him, so he gets pissed and hacks the Biocom network to try and see why he got booted, when some weird shit happens. The computer gets buggy, and somehow, his mind reboots. He finds himself in the Biocom medical wing, and is told that he had a minor stroke. Dizzy spells and visions haunt him from then on.

But the biggest surprise he was in for was that once he recovered, and returned to work only to meet with Benjamin Palmer, was that he didn't get fired, but got promoted. Saying anything more would be a spoiler.


Raimi is the geek in all of us. He curses, he smokes just for the nicotine to keep him awake, but he also has a superhuman power. After his mind reboots, he finds that he can remember anything. As he said himself, "I was memorizing phone books for fun...and with a long glance, I could tell you how many hairs were on your head, give or take a hundred. Too bad you're bald-- I could use the distraction."

For some reason, more people seem to relate to Raimi than any other of the four saints. He may not be able to beat the crap out of anyone, and he may not be the coolest guy in school, but for some reason he seems to be the crowd favorite. If you're a geek (or even if you're not), go see him at

One more thing-- he has a tendency to make the wittiest remarks of almost any character in any story I've seen. "Well if I had a case of C4 and a chic utility vest, you'd be the first person I'd call." -- To Oran, in Chapter 20.

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