The storm has raged for months,
rising and abating like the tides,
each cycle growing stronger than the last.

But in recent days the storm has gained new momentum
with the calms more still
and the rages more fierce.

I have thus far stood safe within the storm,
reveling in the calms,
but untouched by the rages.

Tonight that changed
when the storm's rage broke on me
and pressed me, weeping, into myself.

"I'm to the point where I don't care about things that were important to me."
"Like what?" I whispered, my insides quaking for fear of the storm
"Like you. And our relationship."

All other sound disappeared
as the winds of the storm warred
with the howling sobs in my mind.

Though externally only a bit of rain touched my face,
internally a howling storm raged -
the like to match his storm.

But my storm will abate as his lessens,
while his will require science and magick together
to diffuse that which holds his storm in thrall.

Gods above I pray his storm rages out soon,
my own storm rages in response
as I cry to to see his pain.


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