Radio Swan was a CIA-operated black radio station broadcasting from Swan Island off Honduras. It was intended to provide both anti-Castro propaganda to Cuba during the 1960's, and serve as a way to communicate with the strike force during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Jammed by Castro in Havana, it was nevertheless heard all over the remainder of Cuba, the Carribean, and apparently parts of the United States.

Radio Swan began broadcasting on May 17 of 1960 on two frequencies: 50kW at 1160kHz mediumwave, and 7.5kW at 6000kHz shortwave. At first program slots were sold to various groups, who proceeded to argue and talk about issues that interested them more than they interested actual Cubans.

A year later, in March of 1961 and before the Bay of Pigs, the station stopped accepting tapes from those groups and instead began to broadcast just news, increasing its power and the quantity of frequencies on which it broadcast. Secret messages were broadcast during the invasion.

After the Bay of Pigs, Radio Swan changed its name to Radio Americas. It continued to broadcast news with an anti-Castro tilt at various times during the day until May of 1968, when it shut down.

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