RGZ is a internet radio station. It steams out Punk Rock 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can listen with any MP3 steam capable player, or real audio, or Windows Media Player. The site is run by a guy that goes by Chris. He did a lot of the coding for it himself, either writing it himself or hacking up scripts he found. Well he's done an outstanding job and this site is simply the coolest radio station I've found the web even without taking into account the style of music. Poke around the site for a bit while you listen, there are plenty of cool features.

The best feature is the ability to look though the song library and request song that will get played rather quickly. (Note this may be a violation of some stupid DMCA rule, but ssshhhh let's not tell them. Actually forget that I mentioned this.) Another cool feature is that Chris is a real cool guy. You can request new artists and albums and he'll try to find it. If you have the music he'll happily take it and add it.

As I mentioned before the music is punk. The station has a wide variety of old and new punk. But it is still mostly pure basic punk. There are a ton of compilations, 7", and hard to find albums in the library.

The only downsides are that it uses live365 to relay its stream and that the "what's playing now" page sometimes doesn't update correctly.


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