Race the Sun is an endless racing computer game. In it you fly a solar powered aircraft a few meters above the ground with the goal of flying as long as possible. Opposing you is the setting sun and the various mountains, buildings, and moving objects in your way. If the sun dips below the horizon or you collide with an obstacle it's game over and you have to start from level one. Because of this one hit kill Race the Sun is arcade hard. Games tend to last a few minutes at most. This is a game of constantly skirting death, good for adrenaline junkies and fast reflex gamers.

The graphics are minimalist polygonal with highly simplified shapes resembling buildings, trees, mountains and cars. Shades of gray are the color pallet for the environment with other color being reserved for the occasional power-up. There are almost no textures on the models but this doesn't really detract from anything since they just go by too fast when moving full speed. The music has an electronic orchestral feel to it with heavy use of strings, percussion, and syth.


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