The main character in Kurt Vonnegut's novel Bluebeard and a minor character in Breakfast of Champions by the same author.

In both books Karabekian is a famous painter in the movement Abstract Expressionism, although Bluebeard is from after he has given up his career. His paintings are large canvases covered with several thick layers of paint in a single color that he fastenes one or more colored, vertical strips of tape over.

The most noticable Karabekian painting is The Temptation of Saint Anthony. It was a single stripe of day-glo orange reflecting tape on a Hawaiian Avocado green background. This picture was meant to picture The Temptation of Saint Anthony in its simplest form. The tape was the soul of Saint Anthony, without his corporeal body.

In Bluebeard we learn that most of Karabekian's pictures fell appart due to a bad choice of materials. He therefore suggests to add his name in the dictionaries with the definition:

n. (from Rabo Karabekian, US 20th cent. painter). Fiasco in which a person causes total destruction of own work and reputation through stupidity, carelessness or both.

Although it has not yet made its way into the dictionaries, it doesn't mean that the word should not be used whenever appropriate.

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