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A Rabite is one of the most basic monsters in the SNES games Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, and the Game Boy title Final Fantasy Adventure. It looks like a cute yellow blob with pink ears, and makes a very satisfying *thwack* sound when you hit it.

In Secret of Mana, Rabites have 20 HP, 0 MP, yield 1 XP and 2 gold, have no set weakness, cannot use magic, and usually drop Candy.

In Legend of Mana, if you obtain a Beast Egg there is a chance that it will hatch into a Rabite and you can keep it as a pet. The Rabite will perform the HP Recovery skill, which raises your HP recovery rate.

When fought as an enemy, a Rabite is strong against Wisp and Dryad, and weak against Shade and Aura. The Rabite may drop any of the following: Animal Meat, Animal Bone, RabiteEar, Small Eyeball, Hairball.

In Seiken Densetsu 3, Rabites are levels 25-27 and yield between 18 and 22 XP.

King Rabites of the same level range also exist. These monsters yield between 126 and 154 XP, and may drop any of the following: Round Drop, Stardust Herb, Item Seed.

The game also features the Great Rabite. Yielding a whopping 788 XP, this monster is well worth fighting. It may drop any of the following: Honey Drink, Stardust Herb, Weapon/Armor Seed.

As if this game didn't have enough of them, there is also a secret boss, the Black Rabite. This variation on a theme differs from the average Rabite in that it is a dark purple color, and is incredibly tough. The Black Rabite can cast nearly any spell in the game, and has the following abilities: Summon Lv99 Great Demon, Magic Retaliation, Reflect Magic, Absorb Shade-type damage, and Glow. If you manage to defeat the Black Rabite, it will drop the Moogle Badge.

In Final Fantasy Adventure, Rabites yield 1 XP, 2 gold, and do not drop anything.

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