From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 15. Rabbit Galantine

Bone a rabbit entirely (except the head); take away the meat of the thick part of the thighs; lard with seasoned bacon tips; mince the meat taken off with the fillets of two other rabbits ; take an equal quantity of bacon, minced, mix the minces together, add salt, pepper, and pounded spice; lay the rabbit open on a cloth; season, and spread a layer of the forcemeat all over it ; on this place red tongue and bacon tips, in small pieces; proceed thus alternately, until the rabbit is quite full; then form it as a well as you can; tie slices of bacon all over it, wrap it a in the cloth, and tie it again; lay slices of bacon in a braising-pan, put in the rabbit, a knuckle of veal, the bones of the rabbit, two carrots, three onions (one stuck with cloves), two bay-leaves, a little thyme, parsley, scallions, half a bottle of white wine, a ladleful of stock, and a little salt; set the pan on the fire to simmer for two hours, then remove from the fire, and in half an hour's time care- fully withdraw -the rabbit. When quite cold, take it out of the cloth, glaze and serve it.-A superb dish, but pretty dear.

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