A synthesis of Chinese and Vietnamese traditional martial arts, Qwan Ki Do, or Quan Khi Dao in vietnamese, was founded in 1981 by Master Pham Xuan Tong, from

  1. The Shaolin branch of chinese martial arts, for it's high kicks and Chin Na
  2. The Wo Mei branch of chinese martial arts, from Wo Mei Shan mountain, for it's grappling and animal-based techniques
  3. The Tang Lang branch, practiced by the Hakka, which includes nerve strikes and appendage locks.
  4. Quan Khi and Viet Vo Dao, Vietnamese traditional arts, which features a lot of "free" boxing using the knees and elbows, as well a some spectacular high flying action.
Most of the beginners stuff come from Viet Vo Dao, with Chinese techniques becoming more prominent at the higher levels

The art is divided into the following techniques:

  1. Stances: Bo Phap
  2. Movement: Than Phap
  3. Punches: Thu Phap
  4. Kicks: Cuoc Phap
  5. Blocks: Cung Thu
  6. Sweeps: Tao Phong Cuoc
  7. Self-Defense: Tu Ve Note: I think that includes how to get out of a grapple and things like that, but I'll have to ask my Vosu
  8. Throws: Vat
  9. Arm locks: Khao Go
  10. Falls: Nhao Lan
  11. A plethora of brick or bone breaking techniques which do not feature a common name
  12. Vietnamese traditional weapons: Co Vo Dao
The art also includes additional material, such as breathing and meditation.

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