The Queens Bath is a large (about 40 yards long by 15 yards wide) protected tide pool on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. In spots it is up to 15 feet deep and is great for beginning snorkelers to paddle around. At low tide the pool is about 20 feet above the surrounding sea level. At high tide, some of the bigger waves will crash directly into the pool.

My wife and I discovered this pool on our recent honeymoon to Kauai on the recommendation of The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook published by Wizard Publications. They also publish a guidebook for the Big Island of Hawaii. We were very lucky when we first visited the Queens Bath. As we were walking down the trail we met close to 20 people making their way up from the path. By the time we got down there, there was only on family packing up to go and we had it all to ourselves for about 15 minutes. Then another couple joined us and we watched sunset approach.

Getting to the Queens Bath is somewhat typical of many of Kauai's site seeing excursions. You have to stumble down a narrow dirt pathway and climb across unmarked rock ledges. Overall it's pretty safe, but be aware of where you're going in the evening, because if you're there after dark, you'll have a very difficult time finding your way out.

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