The black female vocalist from the USA who sang "Goodbye horses", the song that Buffalo Bill is singing to in Silence of the Lambs when he is in front of the camera and pretends to be a female by tucking his genitals in between his thighs so he looks like he has a female sex organ instead of a male one. Before she was discovered as a singer she worked as a taxi driver in New York. At some point Q Lazzarus dissolved and each band member went their own way. Except for Q Lazzarrus herself, Mark Barrett, and William Garvey (songwiter only), nothing is known about the other members.Q Lazzarus herself can be seen singing the song "Heaven" (written by David Byrne of "Talking Heads") in the Jonathan Demme movie "Philadelphia".
Recently she contributed music to an underground film entitled "Twisted" in 1996.
Not many people know about Q Lazzarus. This is all the information I could scramble up. Enjoy!

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