Puckoon ends something like "Caw" said the crow. "Balls", said Milligan.. It has a hero with funny knees and access to the word squorrox. The writing is remarkaby fluid and pleasurable to read. The main character talks to the narrator in a rather easy and unpretentious way - rather a relief, really.

Novel by Spike Milligan.

A film based on Puckoon is now in production. The action is set in the fictional Irish village of Puckoon in 1924, at the time the Boundary Commission were drawing up the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State (now the Republic of Ireland). The unfortunate Puckoon is bisected by the new border.

Will provide more information on the film as I can find it. As of now, all I can tell you is that it will star Irish comedian Sean Hughes and English non-comedian Sir Richard Attenborough.

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