The Psychology of Time

For me, school started last Monday. The week seemed to be the longest ever. A school week is obviously five days in the United States. Last week dragged on, and on, and on, and on... Then on top of that, it went even some more. Then friday came. The most blessed day of the whole week. Friday was a long day. A normal school day is seven hours. Last week's days seemed to last two days each. The part with five hours homework probably dragged out my day more though. Then the weekend came. I mean Saturday is even better than friday. I don't even have to goto school on saturday. How cool is that?! Ok, back to this thing.

It is now 8:48 Sunday evening and I don't know where all my weekend time went. Before I know it I will be back in school, and tired, waiting for the 11th period bell to ring. But if I look at it another way, I will find that before I know it, the day will be behind me, and I will be waking up for the next morning. I remember when I moved for the second time, and I was set in my way of getting back there, all I focused on was getting back there that next summer. Whammo, before I know it I'm back there. But again, before I know it I'm back here. Time is an odd thing. You can focus it in different points, and get different feeling out of it. I know, that before I realize it I will be on my death bed, but I'm not so focused on that that it is all I think about. Focus on the present. Time can go either way for you. Fast when you are happy, or slow when you are happy. I believe that it went fast because I wasnt focused on the present time, but instead I was thinking ahead of how horrible it will be when the week comes.

Think about this, and try to focus on one period, and then see how fast time will go. Thanks for reading.

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