'he's a blasphemer! he's a heretic!
he must be redeemed through pain!
we'll crush him under a pile of stones
and never again will we breathe his name.'
'mark these words, mark six for
i'm quickly losing breath-
the wages of sin is death.'

so he left them scratching their heads
'what did he mean by telling us that again?
he's said nothing new, we've heard it before,
what did he mean? what could he have meant?'
'it happened as he said, he sinned and he died
there's no mystery there,
why do you care?

i wouldn't dwell on him too much,
you'll blow a molehill up to a martyr.
he said himself eternal life's not his,
he was no life giver or water parter.
when men are blown up like that, as martyrs,
it's bad news all around.
just leave him underground.'

'he did perform wonders. '
'that's true, i've seen him do some myself.
don't think about it, he lied, let him lie.
fix your mind to something else.
the priests say he's a heretic
that's good enough for me,
leave his memory be.'

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