An attempt by a QuesTek, headed by Northwestern University materials science Professor Greg Olson to create the perfect sword and then sell it in an online auction.

They have gone so far as to use Finite Element Analysis to design the sword and they have mixed electrolytically purified iron from a meteorite with the ultra-hard Ferrium C69 alloy that they have developed. The C69 stands for a rating of 69 on the Rockwell C hardness scale.

They have already made one broadsword. Also, they have made a seax, a replica of Beowulf's knife that has a handle curiously made from oosic, mineralized walrus penis. Apparently it dosn't become slippery when wet with blood.

This is proof that metallurgy can be very cool.

Forging the Dragonslayer - A Wired Magazine Article

QuesTek's Homepage

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