Absinthe tinged night
O take me from this dream
Mark me!
Deliver me a passionate embrace
That I may thrive in lust's sweet bliss
Dreary is the daylight hour
When all is what it seems
Night falls to take me away
This ghostly ship sails the moonlit sky
Drifting through the abyss
Drives the pain throughout
A soul complete in it's agony
Life courses o'er my veins
Such a sick injustice
Within a sea of millions
I still am one, alone
Intruders dare to cross
Ahh, the scent of blood lines my threshold
Insane they are to linger
For I, I am in need of silence
The pain of loneliness strengthens me
Another time and place, perhaps
My shackles drop, clanging to the ground
Fear not, young one
Of marble my heart is made
Crafted time and again it has been
So it shall be crafted once more, I am sure
Lay me down on silken sheets of indigo
Shades of blue reflected in my lips
Dare not to warm my jaded eyes
My bitter fingertips pierce your flesh
Utter not your words of peace
I seek no vengance to my grave
Only silence, sweet and glittering upon this ocean of tears
Do you not see I revel in the only thing I dare to feel?
My prison is of my own making
Decorated with my exploits
I can feel her
Enters me. Invades me. I FEEL.
Tis all I have left of my senses
Two bodies entwined in sinful, inextinguishable desire
Beside me you become the heart that beats
Courses the life through me for an instant
Only to be frigid once again and seeking my confinement
I beg of thee to resurrect me!!!
To me, bring the pain that is so much pleasure.
Sichernde Seele
August 18th, 2006 Oh I fear what I might find in you

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