Is there a designated point in one's life when a once-deprived child relives part of his/her childhood as an adult?

We're all familiar with the infamous mid-life crisis in which seemingly innocent, harmless old people go out and do one of four things:

But what about when you're nineteen? Now, I'm not saying I'd like to marry a young blonde with a chest bigger than her head who's also half my age. Besides, that would be illegal for more than one reason. No, I'm talking about something much worse: I have a princess complex.


I wish there was a support group for people like me.

"Hi, my name is Aurora51 and I have a princess complex. On a bad day I find myself donning my extra large "I'm a Little Princess" t-shirt made for an eight year old, putting on one of my crowns, and walking around in public places. On a good day I am content to stare longingly at my Disney Princesses poster and just hope that someday that'll be me up there in between Snow White and Cinderella and then pray for strength to overcome my illness." Yes, that's as good as it gets.

My entire collection of obsessive princess accessories consists of: posters, coloring books, a toe ring, two crowns (one silver one gold), stickers, pajamas, and 8 year old's t-shirt, a wash cloth (it was a gift; I'm not THAT pathetic!), a kid's cup, and a file of saved pictures off the internet.

Does this make me a sick person? Every once in a while I find myself complaining that i can't be a princess. Whenever I see princesses on TV I let out a faint whimper. I even go so low as to scoff at Belle and Cinderella for not really being princesses but being married into it. My boyfriend has taken my whining and complaining as a hint that I would like to go see the movie "Princess Diaries" and as much as I love his effort to help me, seeing that movie would only cause more grief.

Is there no hope for me? How does a person grow out of something like this at this age? I can't replace it with dreams of being a firefighter or the world's first female president like most kids do. Hell, I'm about to be thrust unwillingly into adulthood as it is. I am at a loss for relieving myself of this painful illness. I guess my best attempt will just be to ride it out and keep myself from buying anymore princess crap. Perhaps I should get a new addiction. Anybody got any crack?

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