Thomas Nord was a journalist with far too much time on his hands and was looking for an idea for a web zine. For some reason, an idea came to him: presidential haiku. So he posted a lame haiku about George Washington:

Our first president
Your soul tempered in battle
No one else could serve

And it was all uphill from there. The site started getting more and more hits, people started sending in their own haiku, and it started getting mainstream media coverage. Check it out for yourself at In the meantime, here are some samples.

George W. Bush
Inherits the throne
Thanks to Supreme providence
And some dude named Chad

William McKinley
Listen, McKinley
Beware a trip to New York
Better stay in bed

George Washington
The nation's father
I say to my children now
"Can't you just behave?"

Abraham Lincoln
Stand on principle
But never sit with your back
Exposed to the door

Ronald Reagan
Genial actor
He delivered platitudes
From TelePrompters

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Polio or not
I am gonna plant my foot
Square on Hitler's ass

Herbert Hoover
Civil engineer
A chicken in every pot
Depressing results

John F. Kennedy
Top down, Kennedy.
No chance of rain in Dallas.
Goodbye, Camelot.

Gerald Ford
Poor Gerald R. Ford
You fell from a tarmacced plane
Fodder for wisecracks

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