The blackened rose
Silent and unnoticed, withers away.
The flames, fed by human faults,
Grow higher and higher
Around the dieing flower.
The leaves crumple
And the passion-red petals
Harshly curl over from the heat.
The fire eats away at the stem
And the thorns
And somewhere from inside a maiden’s heart
Came a plea for forgiveness,
Came the blasting, sorrowful gasp
And somehow, the world heard her,
Even over the sound of her sanity breaking,
Cracking and shattering like a window,
Etched forever in the spider web
Of agony on the glass
And she screamed:
"You, the all-consuming, heart-wrenching,
Blistering fire!
Burn away my sorrow
Fiery anger,
Turn my tears to salty dust,
Destroy the tiny rose whose
Beauty once shown in me!
Kill the symbol, the truth,
The never-ending sins of love...
Protect me, fire,
From the piercing thorns
Of the red, red rose."

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