The Jewish history in Europe is, unfortunately, very often characterized by persecution and violence. In April 1389, around the time of Easter, accusations arose that Jews had thrown stones at Christian children during the Easter Day parade. The cry went up in the Christian community to defend the honour & truth of Christianity, which resulted in a pogrom of the Jewish inhabitants. The Jews fled for the safety of the Synagogues, notably the Altneu synagogue, since it was made of stone and therefore could not be burnt to the ground. In total 3000 were killed, after the mob broke into the Altneu and slaughtered those who were sheltering inside. Many also chose suicide, so that they may die 'Al Kiddush HaShem', in the sanctification of G-d's name. One of the survivors, Rabbi Avigdor Kara, who had lost his entire family, wrote a eulogy, saying:

...It was, as it is written, a sacrifice of innocents, of innocent lambs...And so fell our community leader, a man honoured by all. And so fell the Rabbi, a rare sage and benefactor, along with his brother and his only son. ...They even demolished the cemetery, the place of eternal freedom where the bones of my ancestors lie at rest...

Kara's name is to this day preserved on the memorial board in the Altneu Synagogue.

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