Rufus Wainwright's February 2002 release on the Dreamworks label. It has a 4.5/5 star rating at

Singer-songwriter music that goes beyond just acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Rufus writes in parts for the cello, the french horn, the violin, the oboe, the piano, the viola, the banjo, keyboards, and more! The style is mostly mellow, but emotive. The majority of lyrics are about lovers. Note: only certain copies of Poses come with the bonus track, which is a cover of The Beatles, "Across the Universe." This song can also be found on the "I Am Sam" soundtrack.

Track listing

1. Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk

2. Greek Song

3. Poses

4. Shadows

5. California

6. The Tower Of Learning

7. Grey Gardens

8. Rebel Prince

9. The Consort

10. One Man Guy

11. Evil Angel

12. In A Graveyard

13. Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk (reprise)

14. Across The Universe (Bonus Track)

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