Portrush is is located on the north coast of Northern Ireland and is a popular seaside resort, despite being at the top of a very cold, wet country.

The usual visitor to this resort is locally referred to as a jamesie. This character can be easily identified by looking for the following tell-tale signs.

1. Hugely irritating Belfast accent. (aright maite, where tha fuck is tha bawg, aright mate, cheers)
2. Wears shorts, in any weather, because they are on holidays and that is what you do.
3. Sunburn
4. Sandal and sock combo.
5. Large family, possibly seven or eight grubby scabby children.

Portrush is part of the area which involves the neighbouring seaside resort of Portstewart and the service town of Coleraine. The main attractions of Portrush are Barry's amusements, the two 'white' sandy beaches, the rugged North Antrim scenery, and of course the nightlife. Kelly's nightclub includes the famous Lush which has hosted in recent years, Judge Jules and Fatboy Slim to name a few.

Portrush is famous for its golf, as it is home to the Royal Portrush golf club, which has hosted the British Senior Open, and is frequented by many the rich American on his Emerald Isle golfing vacation

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