Apparently this translates to 'Stair Dismount'.
According to our very own noder break, it's a difficult term to translate: 'porras' means one stair and 'turvat' is a slang term of someone falling and the plural of 'turpa', which in turn is slang for 'face', so 'turvat' is 'falling on one's face'.

A shareware game developed by Finnish team Taat for the Assembly 2002 Game Development competition, which subsequently won first prize.

The basic aim of the game is to push a dummy down a set of stairs: the more damage you do to various parts of the body, the higher your score. You can vary the strength, direction and angle of your shove to obtain the maximum amount of damage possible.

High scores can be uploaded to a global database for comparison against fellow sadists, the current high score standing at a ridiculous 313377447!
Be warned however: this game is amazingly addictive for so simple a premise, and stands as an excellent example of independant and creative game development.

The game is available for free Windows download at

One way to get a fairly high score (but still not nearly as high as the one mentioned above — I have no idea how that's possible) is to push the dummy's foot directly into the step he is standing on. This causes him to collapse, and the entire weight of his body falls on his leg. Sometimes he stays stuck in this position, and you can rack up very high damage points (accompanied by very satisfying crunching sounds) before he slowly starts rolling down the first step.

How to do it:

It will probably take a few attempts before getting a really high score, but your patience will be rewarded.

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