Take a spoonful of Creme fraiche, baby....

This is one of my favourite comfort foods. It was born out of pure lazyness, as I once again didn't want to go shopping and had to use what the fridge, the freezer and the pantry would offer me. This can be done with fresh, canned or frozen ingredients, so off we go:


Heat up the olive oil in a heavy frying pan until it smokes and add the cubed steaks. Stir constantly and wait until they're nicely crisp from the outside. Add the garlic, onions and parsley and continue stirring until the onions start to brown. Now add asparagus with about 200 mls of the cooking water and reduce the heat. Add Creme fraiche. Let simmer for ca 25 minutes and savour the aroma floating through the room. Let the fluid reduce until you have a smooth sauce

I normally serve this with leaf spinach and either brown rice or fettucini and fresh Baguette.

A Sancerre, a New Zealandian Pinot Gris or even a good Chardonnay would compliment this perfectly.

Bon appetite!

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