Poogy be Pita is a CD published by Kaveret, also known as Poogy. It has 14 tracks.
The First Track is called Natati La Khayai, or, I gave her my life.
The Second Track is called Moishe Ken, Moishe Lo, or Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
The Third Track is entitled Bayom oo Balaila, directly translated, it means During the Day or the Night, but is called in English The Cold Shoulder
Fourth is called L'amor et la via (I believe that is French, but I don't know and it doesn't matter because there are no words in it except 'L'amor et la via'.
Fifth is Sucar Betokh ha-Tei, Sugar in the Tea
Sixth is Hora Hayakhzut, which I don't know how to translate into English.
Seventh is Hatamanon Ha'itar, or Left Handed Octopus, which is a purely instrumental piece.
Eighth is LeKhol Davar Mekhir, or Everything has its price.
Ninth is just called Protest Song, it just rambles a bit and there's a gunshot and the sound dies.
Tenth, is HaBalladah Al AriVederchi, which is The Ballad of Ari and Derchi.
Eleventh is Lev Zahav, or Heart of Gold
Twelfth is Hora, or Settlement Song
Thirteenth is Ten Li Likhyeh, Let Me Live
Fourteenth is Afsakat Hashmal, Blackout.
The other two Poogy CD's I have are Tzafoof ba'Ozen and Sipurei Poogy

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