A sequel to Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter (who is Pollyanna's author, too) written in 1915. It is about how the sweet and cheerful heroine in the original novel grew up, changed somewhat yet still retained her cheerful and unique character.

Warning: Spoilers below.

In the first part of this story the heroine (about 13-14) went to Boston, where she had to face more Real Life which wasn't always pleasant. She lived with a rich woman who became depressed ever since her niece went missing, and befriended an intelligent but crippled boy living in a slum who often went hungry, and a lonely young woman working in a store with not-so-nice customers. She tried hard to bring these people together, and finally succeeded.

The latter part of the story happened six years later, when Pollyanna and her aunt returned from Germany to Beldingsville, the village the original story took place. They intended to stay in Germany, but couldn't because of financial difficulties. What's worse, her aunt's husband, Doctor Chilton, died. All these changed her Aunt Polly into a dejected and weak woman, so Pollyanna became the mainstay of the household, keeping cheerful herself, making money from summer boarders (who happened to be her friends in Boston), doing most of the housework, and trying to cheer her aunt up as well. At the same time, she was no longer "a girl quite untouched by even the most far-reaching of Cupid's darts", but fell in love with an old friend.

The writing style of this novel is similar to that of the original, but contains considerably more sentimental moments. I like it even more than the original, although the sequel is of course less "innovative". Strongly recommended for those who has read the original and like sentimental novels.

Full text available in Project Gutenberg, #6100.

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