1985 Hong Kong action movie starring Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung and Bigitte Lin. Directed by Jackie Chan, screenplay by Jackie Chan and Edward Tang King-Sun.

The story begins when Jackie's police unit are sent to arrest the drug dealer Ku, however, due to a small group of officers disobeying orders, Ku and his gang manage to get away from the scene by driving through a shanty town.

It's important to emphasise that they drive through the shanty town. Not through the streets but through the actual buildings.

Jackie pursues the gang and almost loses them when they hijack a bus, but grabbing an umbrella from a bystander, Jackie hooks onto the back of the bus. After some breathtaking stunts which left two stunt men seriously injured, Jackie captures the gang.

Ku's secretary, Selina Fong (Brigitte Lin), is to be brought to court as a witness for the prosecution. However, Ku decides that she is too much of a risk and orders her death.

Jackie is assigned to protecting Selina and must fight of Ku's gang single handed, and when Ku's gang kill a police officer and frame Jackie for the murder, he must fight to clear his name.

Eventually Selina copies data from Ku's computer system which proves his guilt in a number of crimes, but on the way to bring the information to Jackie she is attacked in a shopping mall by Ku's thugs.

A fight scene ensues, in which Jackie single handedly defeats Ku's gang, including a spectacular stunt where Jackie slides down a pole covered in lightbulbs.

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